Flings (Willards)


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Willards Flings Original Flavour Maize Snack – 150g

Baked not fried, No Azodye Colourants, Tartrazine Free

Bags full of smiles!

Warning to party animals: Opening a packet may cause a racket…Flings are so amazingly light and melty, so unbelievably, deliciously yummy, it’s like the best party ever…all in a bag!!  In fact, if “Good Times” came in bite-size, they’d look and taste just like Flings.  So get into the swing of things, get into Flings and get the party going.  Flings.  Your party in a packet!

Ingredients: Maize*, Vegetable Oil (Palm Kernel Oil), Flavouring (Salt Maltodextrin, Maize Flour, MSG (E621)), Soya Flour, Vegetable Protein (Soya), Sugar, Vegetable Powders (Onion, Garlic, Celery), Yeast Extract, Flavouring, Colour (E150c), Acid (E330).  *Contains GMO Maize

Allergens: Soya, Celery


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